WW goods receipt

ConnectData’s Wireless Warehouse Software (WW) has been used successfully by more than 100 companies for nearly two decades now.

The software is server-based and on the one hand side it controls the communication with all mobile scanners in the company, on the other hand side it is closely linked to the ERP system of the companies and transfers update relevant data to it.

Modifications to the ERP system are not necessary when using Wireless Warehouse,  ERP is always the leading system in terms of master data and transaction data.

With WW, you control and support the entire material flow in your company. This leads to a significantly reduction of error rates as well as the time required for internal transport.

WW goods receipt

The procurement of materials and goods is the first step of the supply chain for most of the commercial and industrial companies.

The purchase orders generated via the ERP system have to be identified and, ideally, booked directly as goods receipts.

The desirable electronic delivery notification of the supplier is ideally suited to make the process in the incoming goods error-free and fast.

The supplier records contain the most important basic data of the customer and the purchase orders, thus generating barcode labels which he affixes to the individual packages of his shipment. This information will be transmitted electronically as soon as the forwarder leaves and forms the basis for efficient goods receipt. Our scanners read the data on arrival and transfer it directly to the ERP without any detours. If there are no or unusable labels on the packages, they will be generated from us, printed in the goods receipt department and attached to the delivery. These labels are the basis for all further stock movements in the ERP and Wireless Warehouse system.

Important information here can be:

  • Order number, order item and date of the goods receipt
  • Material data, such as Part number, quantity, if necessary also lot number and country of origin
  • Packaging information about the transport containers or pallets
  • Target warehouse after the incoming goods inspection

By supporting your goods receipt organization, our first goal is the reduction of manual effort the avoidance of incorrect bookings.

Equip your goods receipt department with a mobile scanner and you can collect incoming shipments with the help of Wireless Warehouse with significantly reduced effort.