WW introductory example (preparation and implementation)

ConnectData’s Wireless Warehouse Software (WW) has been used successfully by more than 100 companies for almost two decades.

The software is server-based and controls the communication with all mobile scanners in the company on the one hand, and on the other hand it is closely connected to the ERP system of the companies and transfers accounting relevant data to it.

Modifications to the ERP system are not necessary when using Wireless Warehouse – ERP is always the leading system for master and transaction data.

With WW, you control and support the entire material flow in your company and significantly reduce both the error rates and the time required for internal transport. 

WW Introduction Example

In principle, the introduction of WW Wireless Warehouse is similar to the introduction of an ERP system, but with significantly less effort.

  • First contact and discussion of requirements on site (free of charge)
  • Creation of a requirement specification either by the customer (recommended) or by ConnectData (subject to a fee)
  • If required, one to two-day workshop to verify the specifications at the customer’s premises.
    • Preparation of the offer by ConnectData
    • Order placement by the customer
    • Development and customizing of customer-specific requirements and special features
    • WLAN illumination and procurement of the necessary hardware for the access points by ConnectData. “Construction services” such as laying cables and screwing on the hardware are carried out by the customer.
    • Procurement of scanners and label printers either by ConnectData (recommended) or the customer
    • Provision of a test system and connection to the local ERP systems
    • Training of project managers on site
    • Reworking from the findings of the test phase
    • Training of the customer’s employees by the project team
    • Implementation of the production system
    • Go Live accompaniment by Connectdata, 1-2 days
    • Acceptance of the system by the customer

    Depending on the scope and number of modules used, we expect 10 to 20 consultant days to be charged for implementation. For very complex requirements also more, the actual expenditure is determined and offered from the requirements of the requirement specification.

    The WW software has a manageable fixed price, customer-specific adaptations are extra.

    So far, all projects have been completed to the satisfaction of our customers. We can do that for you as well.