WW material supply

ConnectData’s Wireless Warehouse Software (WW) has been used successfully by more than 100 companies for almost two decades.

The software is server-based and controls the communication with all mobile scanners in the company on the one hand, and on the other hand it is closely connected to the ERP system of the companies and transfers accounting relevant data to it.

Modifications to the ERP system are not necessary when using Wireless Warehouse – ERP is always the leading system for master and transaction data.

With WW, you control and support the entire material flow in your company and significantly reduce both the error rates and the time required for internal transport. 

WW material supply

Basically, the processes of physical material supply are divided into two principles: the bringing and the fetching principle. With the delivery principle (push), a logistics employee supplies the production units with material from the warehouse. With the pull principle, the production employee must supply his or her own production unit with material.

No matter whether consumption-controlled material provision (Pull) or demand-controlled material provision (Push), Wireless Warehouse supports the representation of the material flow in many ways.

The material is scanned and automatically booked when it is removed from the warehouse. Depending on the provision principle, production orders or cost centers are debited with the withdrawal. The transport and access in production or the staging point is also documented by scanning. WW always enables the employees a fast and uncomplicated booking of the materials and creates transparency in the material disposition.

The trigger for printing documents and labels is provided by scanner menus. Additional terminals in the production halls are usually not necessary.

The data flow to the associated material flow is generated and displayed simply and efficiently by WW. It is important to note that all relevant bookings appear in real time in the ERP system.