WW palletizing

ConnectData’s Wireless Warehouse Software (WW) has been used successfully by more than 100 companies for almost two decades.

The software is server-based and controls the communication with all mobile scanners in the company on the one hand, and on the other hand it is closely connected to the ERP system of the companies and transfers accounting relevant data to it.

Modifications to the ERP system are not necessary when using Wireless Warehouse – ERP is always the leading system for master and transaction data.

With WW, you control and support the entire material flow in your company and significantly reduce both the error rates and the time required for internal transport. 

WW Palletizing

As easy as this process sounds, as difficult and error-prone it can be in practice.

Wireless Warehouse supports the assembly and provisioning of customer goods in a comprehensive way.

Single-variety pallets (many identical cartons on one pallet) are labeled (label printing) and scanned with WW.

It becomes difficulty when multi-stage palletizing takes place.

Several products are packed into one shipping carton, several shipping cartons are packed into one outer carton and several of these onto one pallet.

WW also supports this by scanning each individual packaging step, creating labels for outer cartons and finally checking the pallet for correctness and completeness by means of control scans.

Control scans in particular are one of the great strengths of Wireless Warehouse and run like a red thread through the system. Not only is information read and transferred to ERP, but everything is checked to ensure it is correct. If errors occur, corresponding error messages appear on the PDA in real time and bookings cannot be made.