WW picking

ConnectData’s Wireless Warehouse Software (WW) has been used successfully by more than 100 companies for nearly two decades now.

The software is server-based and on the one hand side it controls the communication with all mobile scanners in the company, on the other hand side it is closely linked to the ERP system of the companies and transfers update relevant data to it.

Modifications to the ERP system are not necessary when using Wireless Warehouse,  ERP is always the leading system in terms of master data and transaction data.

With WW, you control and support the entire material flow in your company. This leads to a significantly reduction of error rates as well as the time required for internal transport.

WW picking

The preparation and assembly of goods for customer orders is still a very time-consuming and error-prone process in many companies.

Nothing is more annoying for customer and supplier if orders are delivered incorrectly or incompletely. There are costs and dissatisfied customers.

WW supports the picking process in many ways.

  • Every material to be delivered is scanned and checked against the ERP picking list (packing list).
  • If several order items are packed in one outer carton, the carton gets a ¬†label that provides information on the contents of each package on demand.
  • Completeness check of the delivery
  • Provision of all data (weights, customs tariff numbers, packages) for the preparation of delivery notes and other shipping documents.
  • Loading control. Is the right package on the right truck?

We were able to design the order picking process with WW at numerous suppliers to the automotive industry so reliably that it meets the high demands of the automobile manufacturers and passed the corresponding audits.